Got the bike back on the road! Now to begin again.

Well, I finally have the bike back.
It’s working, according to the mechanic, only on three cylinders, but I have ridden it at proper motorway speeds. I feel like a different person, a weight has been lifted to some degree – now that what was wrong has, to some degree, been put right.
Plus, the sun was out when I went for a ride.

So now, it’s on to the next stage – the bike is really heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, so my idea of installing straight bars seems all the more relevant. I have bars and risers waiting, when the Acewell arrives and I have bought some brackets for the headlight, it’s all going on.

The Keys

I have also found someone to drill out the holes in the spacers I had made. They were the wrong diameter meaning that the bolts securing them to the sub frame and chassis wouldn’t fit. The bolts I was previously using were too long which made me believe I would need to remove the airbox, get dual pod filters and have to buy a jet kit and have it installed – all very expensive and time consuming. But I was wrong! Yet again. And I’m glad, as this simple thing will mean that I can progress with the ‘beta build’ far sooner than I had expected.

The ITV (MOT inspection) has been booked for the end of this month, let’s hope it passes, and shortly afterward, I intend beginning the mods to the bike as I will likely have all the parts ready to go.
Of course, there will be hiccups and relocating the coolant reservoir and electrical parts will probably cause some issues, but nothing too major, I shouldn’t imagine.

Of course, I really need to address the engine issue, but late😉